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The Swiss company SELFRAG AG is specialized in the development, engineering and marketing of high voltage pulse power products, plants and systems for selective fragmentation of various solids. SELFRAG AG was founded in 2007 in response to the dynamics developed by the various applications and markets for the new technology.

A team of high voltage engineers, mechanical engineers and process engineers have achieved the goal of bringing to the market industrialized products and systems to the satisfaction of our customers.


SELFRAG’s patented high voltage pulse power technology is the most relevant alternative to conventional crushing and grinding techniques, and presents huge potential to reduce energy consumption and develop the new generation of sustainable and economically selfrag 2profitable mineral processing plants.


  • Earth-and Geosciences: Besides the unmatched quality of liberation, this process requires no mechanical contact to the sample. The risk of contamination is therefore reduced and the cleanest possible preparation for valuable samples is provided. Recovery of mono mineral fractions, liberation of morphologically intact minerals, high yield of target specimens and less than 5 minutes for whole sample preparation are just a few benefits of the Selfrag process.
  • Mining: Commination is by far the largest energy consumer in most mine sites, with major implications for both cost and greenhouse footprint. Following benefits are generated with the Selfrag process:
    • Energy saving:
      • SELFRAG systems produce a coarse liberation
      • Improve grindability of rock ores (known as pre-weakening)
      • High capability to introduce microcracks
    • Recovery increase:
      • Increasing liberation of target minerals at coarser particle size
      • Improve considerably downstream separation and concentration processes
      • Improving access of the leach solutions to the valuable minerals
      • The capacity to produce a reduced amount of fines reducing considerably the losses of valuable minerals

Other applications

High purity and recycling: The selective liberation, particle size distribution, re-use of material and low losses are just a few of the benefits for these future markets.





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